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Super Star Sport provide a well rounded and affordable holiday camp programme for children aged 5-11 to enjoy. Our funtastic sports camps are a great way to get the children active during the holidays and run EVERY half term and school holiday! Some of the activities include:

  • Archery

  • Art workshops

  • Athletics

  • Dodgeball

  • Football

  • Tennis
  • Nerf Wars

  • Water fights (weather permitted)

  • Party days including bouncy castle

  • Themed days – Easter egg hunt, Halloween and Christmas themes

Plus a whole bunch of other sports and activities for the children to enjoy. Holiday camps run from 9am-3:30pm or 9am-5:30pm (depending on venue). An early 8:45am drop off for those who need to get to work is also available!

Don’t just read about us, visit our ‘Parent testimonial’ page to see what they have to say!

Get in contact now to find out when and where our next Super Star Sport camps will be running.

Contact us on 07984 136 650



  • Q1. What is the setup of your day?
    A1. Most Super Star Sport camps run in the following way! 8:45am Arrival 9:00am – Registration 09:15am – Fun warm up games and ice breakers 09:30-10:30am – Session one (a specific sport or activity) 10:30-11am – Snack and first break 11am – Free facilitated play 11:30-12:30pm – Session two (a specific sport or activity) 12:30-1:30pm – Lunch 1:30-3pm – Our special afternoon theme (Varies from day to day) 3pm-3:10pm – Free play 3:10-3:30pm – Tidy up time 3:30pm – Home time 3:40-4pm – Snack time (extended hours not applicable to all schools) 4pm-5pm – Session 3 and free play 5pm – Back in the hall to wind down ready to go home with relaxed indoor games 5:30pm – Home time
  • Q2. What do we need to bring?
    A2. Please provide your child/children with a snack (an additional snack for those staying late), a packed lunch (no nuts please), and plenty of fluids. Of course, it is also useful to wear comfortable clothing and be prepared for all weather as we will be both indoors and outdoors throughout the day. Sun cream is useful during the summer camp but please apply it before they attend.
  • Q3. Can we bring toys or electronics?
    A3. Children can bring suitable toys but please bear in mind that Super Star Sport take no liability for loss or damages. Electronics can be used at break times and end of the day although we do not encourage this.
  • Q4. Will camp still take place if it rains?
    A4. Yes, camp will still take place if it rains. We have an indoor space in case of torrential rain fall.
  • Q5. Can my child be with their friends?
    A5. Absolutely, we want the children to have the best time possible. Prior Covid, children could at times free flow between groups but due to ‘bubbles’ we have to try and limit mixing the children where we can so, please tell us in advance if there is someone your child would like to be grouped with.
  • Q6. Is there a first aider on site?
    A6. There is always at least one member of staff on site with up to date paediatric first aid training.
  • Q7. What should I do if I am running late?
    A7. Although we politely ask you do your upmost to be on time, we understand at times things happen, if you are going to be more than 5 minutes late, we ask that you please text our contact number so that we are aware.
  • Q8. Are there fees for being late to collect?
    A8. We are now implementing a strict ‘£1 per minute’ late charge that is enforced after 15 minutes.
  • Q9. If my child gets sick, will we be refunded?
    A9. Unfortunately, we operate a no refund policy for illness. You can, however, carry these missed days over to future camps.
  • Q10. What if my child is sent home?
    A10. In the rare and unfortunate event that a child is behaving continuously in a way that is putting both themselves and other children in danger, we have the right to ask them to be collected. A refund will not be provided.
  • Q11. What are your Covid procedures?
    A11. Please see below our covid procedures: 1. Our coaches are taking part in lateral flow (being tested twice a week). 2. All coaches are provided with sanitisation tools to ensure equipment is cleaned between bubbles. 3. All staff wear a mask (where possible) while indoors. 4. Children are in ‘bubble groups’ and contact with other groups is limited. 5. All Children sanitise their hands when they arrive, at snack, at lunch, after activities and when they leave to go home.
  • Q12. Why should our children come to Super Star Sport camps?
    A12. We pride ourselves on running an affordable fun, and safe activity camp throughout the school holidays. Our teamwork with 1000’s of children each week on a daily basis and have fantastic experience of delivering activities with the age groups we work with at camp. Together, we have a combined 25+ experience years of working with children! If you don’t believe us, please visit the link below where we interviewed some of our camp children :D Interview with our children - We can’t wait to see you all at our next Super Star Sport camp and hope we have been able to answer your questions
  • Q1. What if one of the sessions is cancelled?
    If a session is cancelled due to staff shortage or a decision made by Super Star Sport, a refund will be provided for this session. Please note, if the club is cancelled for reasons outside out of our control such as teacher strikes and last-minute school events, a refund will not be provided.
  • Q2. What should my child bring?
    A refillable bottle – water is available at all our sites Healthy snacks – before the club begins there is an opportunity for your child to eat a snack if they are hungry, we encourage healthy snacks such as fruit however this is not a requirement. (All Super Star Sport After School Clubs are nut allergy aware. Please avoid sending your child to the club with nuts or any items that could contain nuts. Thank you for helping us keep children safe!) Clothing – given the changing nature of the weather, please ensure that your child brings appropriate layers, gloves and hat, a waterproof jacket and a change of clothing Group sizes will be limited to 20 children.
  • Q3. What NOT to bring?
    Please avoid bringing any nuts or items containing nuts Mobile phones, tablets and all other electronic items - we will be too busy to need them! Sports equipment - we will provide this Any valuables, such as watches or jewellery
  • Q4. What should my child wear?
    As we will be running around and taking part in physical activity, we suggest they wear loose, comfortable clothing and correct footwear that is appropriate to the weather and the activity they are taking part in. Given the changing nature of the weather, please ensure that your child brings appropriate layers, gloves and hat, a waterproof jacket and a change of clothing.
  • Q5. What happens if my child has a medical condition?
    We want to make sure we give you and your child the best and safest experience possible while at our After School Club. To make this happen, we need to be aware of any pre-existing medical conditions and any additional information when you make the booking. If your child requires medication during the After School Club, please bring this to our attention when booking so that we can make the coach aware. You will also need to fill out a short ‘Administrating Medication Form prior to the first week of the club. Please ensure any medication, epipens, inhalers are brought with your child to the club. All information regarding your child’s medical needs will be treated in the strictest confidence. When booking your child and filling out the booking form, please ensure all of the medical information you provide is accurate and up to date. If you fail to provide us with accurate information and this becomes evident once the After School Club has begun, Super Star Sport reserve the right to withdraw your child from the After School Club on medical and safety grounds. If Super Star Sport has to cancel your booking for this reason, you will not be eligible for a refund.
  • Q6. Illness during Super Star After School Club
    Whilst at an After School Club, they will be removed from the group and put into an agreed isolation room with the school. The Coordinator will stay with the child until they have been collected by their parent, guardian or carer. In the case of a team membe In the case of a team member, the Coordinator will contact the Super Star Sport management team who will attend the venue to take over the running of the After School Club. The Coordinator will become the new group coach. The individual will be advised to be tested immediately for COVID-19. If the result is negative, that person can return to their bubble. If the test is positive, you must follow government guidance regarding self-isolation and inform Super Star Sport immediately. If your child is displaying any symptoms at all, please inform us and avoid bringing them to the After School Club until a test has been completed and the result has come back negative.
  • Q7. What happens if my child has an accident?
    All our Super Star Sport After School Club team members are trained first aiders, so you can rest assured that your child is in safe hands should an accident occur. We will deal with any minor accidents on site. The accident will be recounted in an accident report form and you will receive a copy of this on collection of your child. If there has been a more serious incident or your child has fallen ill, you will be contacted by telephone immediately.
  • Q8. What if my child’s behaviour is inappropriate?
    At After School Clubs, we encourage and reward positive behaviour and deal with inappropriate behaviour firmly and fairly. Any behavioural problems will be dealt with as they arise, but in serious or persistent cases you will be contacted. Once you have been informed of the inappropriate behaviour, if this behaviour persists Super Star Sport will reserve the right to withdraw and cancel the rest of your child's booking of the After School Club. If Super Star Sport has to cancel your booking for this reason, you will not be eligible for any refund. Please note that you will be expected to come and collect your child as soon as possible if a member of the Super Star Sport team contacts you following further behavioural instances. If your child has any additional requirements or needs, please do let us know as we want every child to have the best possible time with us. All disclosures will be dealt with the strictest confidence.
  • Q9. What happens if I’m late picking up my child?
    We understand that sometimes you may be running a little late, don’t panic. Just contact the school and make us aware as soon as you can. If you are unable to contact them on the mobile, please call Junior on 07719 056 542 and we will be able to help. Please note that unfortunately due to staffing, a small charge will be incurred for delays of more than 15 minutes after the pre-booked collection time. For more information on this, see our Terms and Conditions.
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