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Our Services Include:

  • Wrap around cover (Breakfast and After School programmes)

  • After school clubs

  • Lunch time clubs

  • PPA Curriculum Sessions

  • National Curriculum Physical Education Lessons

  • Staff CPD Classes

Additional Services:

  • Mentoring & Mind set training

  • PE Theory lessons

  • Fundraising events

  • Sports Days

Why Us?:

  • We match high quality with highly affordable rates.

  • We care…. We genuinely care about the children and our clients, which shows in the ‘above and beyond’ attitude shown by all members of the Super Star Sport team.

School Services

Wrap Around Cover:

With the ever-increasing demands on parents to work early and stay late our team can work with your school and deliver wrap around cover allowing parents the opportunity to drop off their children to school early and pick them up late. Our aim is to accommodate to your school’s requirements and can either simply provide you with a coach or we can assist in all aspects of organisation from promotion to taking payments and creating registers.

After School Clubs & Lunch Time Clubs:

Our after school and lunch time club programme is extremely diverse and inclusive. We have a range of clubs available for all ages from nursery/ reception right up to year 6. We deliver the generic sports (football, gymnastics, basketball, dance, netball, rugby etc.)  as well as some new inclusions:

  • Discovery club

  • Spy club

  • Futsal

  • Arts and crafts club

  • Ninja Warrior

  • Fun Factory

  • Soft Archery

  • And much more…

PPA (Plan Prepare Assessment):

Our organisation and coaching team are governed by the national curriculum with every lesson taking place having a clear structure and learning outcome. Our sessions are treated more as ‘lessons’ with the ultimate goal being for the children to learn. We have our very own sport curriculum which has been developed following OFSTED guidelines as well as the national curriculum guidelines. We are able to tailor our sessions for your school’s specific needs and have a strong emphasis on the below:

  • Lessons that are structured, planned and vary to encourage learning throughout

  • A big emphasis on strong behaviour management technique throughout lessons

  • Lesson plans provided for every class provided for all age groups

  • Class and individual assessments to track progress and aid learning

  • A tailored and adaptable approach specific to your school’s needs

CPD (Continued Professional Development):

Our experienced and qualified team can aid your teachers on-going training and development in a variety of ways with the main aim of giving your team of staff the skills and training needed to run their own sporting sessions at the highest level. We can tailor a programme that works around your staff members schedule that will include but is not limited to:

  • Class room based theory lessons.

  • Practical shadowing throughout PE lessons.

  • Assessment criteria’s and constructive feedback meetings.

  • Lesson plans for every lesson and each sport.

  • Locally sourced professional courses with professional certification.

Classroom Based Theory Lessons:

Our team can provide one off or on-going class room based theory sessions which can be delivered on a one to one basis or can be performed for a whole group of teachers. We provide all literature for the class room based lessons as well as take home presentations and independent learning tools.

Practical Shadowing Throughout PE Lessons:

We will be happy to deliver PPA / PE lessons with your staff member shadowing, taking notes and asking questions throughout. Our team won’t only take the lesson but also talk through with your teacher what we are doing and why we are doing it. We’ll allow the teacher an opportunity to take small segments of the lessons with the coaching team providing honest and constructive feedback. Our approach is to tailor this practical experience to your individual teachers needs and only progress when they feel confident to do so.

Assessment Criteria and Constructive Feedback Meetings:

Following theory and practical learning our team will meet your teachers to provide honest and constructive feedback on a one to one basis and give tips for improvement. Our team will assess the teacher when delivering sport lessons and complete and assessment form to present them following the class. We’ll give the teachers the tools they need to progress and improve in a constructive way helping them reach OFSTED and the national curriculum high standards.

Lesson Plans For Every Lesson & Each Sport:

Teachers will have full access to our Super Star Sport curriculum which contains ALL lesson plans for every national curriculum based sport and assessment criteria’s. These plans are inclusive and progressive from reception aged children right up to year 6.

Locally Sources professional Courses with Professional Certification:

If your teachers would like to progress even further, we will recommend a wide range of locally sourced accredited courses that they may like to attend. As our coaching team, as a whole, have attended most of these courses, we are in a great position to advise on what courses your staff can attend to further develop them as teachers / coaches.

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